Making A Business In The Fitness Industry

Three Factors For Every Business


Every business needs a product, traffic, and conversions or sales.  You will need to make sure your product is superb before even thinking about getting into the industry.  This industry is so competitive that only the best products will even have a chance to make it further.  I prefer to think of this as your offer.  This is more than just having the ability to get someone in shape. You must be able to create relationships and understand the what motivates people in your industry.

Factor Two

Traffic is the hardest part for most people.  Some will utilize YouTube for traffic and others will try to hustle the gyms for referral marketing. The problem is that referral marketing is very slow and for most owners it simply isn’t enough. The most successful entrepreneurs in the fitness industry have mastered YouTube.  This is by far the best way to explode your business. The smart ones usually consult an SEO Expert to help them rank their videos in those competitive niches. I would specifically look for someone who has experience in the fitness industry because they will do a better job for you. For more information on Search Engine Marketing then check out this guy:

Factor Three

The very last part of the process is conversions and sales. I like to think of this as the fun part fo the process. Success in this area will depend on how well you can build relationships with the people around you.  The first rule to remember is that people buy the person not the product. You need to sell yourself as the expert and the nice fun guy they want to give their money too. I can not stress this enough, relationships will make or break you in the industry.


Factor Three Part Two
The second half of conversion is online conversion. You will need to consult a conversion expert. Most of these experts will be SEO’s (the good ones). This will come into play after you have success with everything above.  This is where your business really starts to snowball because your understanding of the industry starts to expand dramatically and you can put your finger on the pulse of the customer. You will know their wants and needs better than anyone.


Closing Words
One of the last things I want to touch on in this article is how you present yourself. Nothing bothers me more than someone who is claiming to be a personal trainer but they have a huge gut. If you are selling “how to get in shape” and you are 200 pounds overweight then your credibility goes out the window. Nobody is going to take you seriously and if you are overweight but you are a personal trainer that begs the question why you’re in this industry because you are supposed to be passionate. It just sends all the wrong signals and I don’t want to see you put yourself in a ditch right off the bat.

The Importance Of Local Marketing For Fitness Centers

The best clients of a fitness center are the ones that live in the close neighborhood. Nobody wants to spend hours commuting to and from the gym every day, so they all try to subscribe to the closest facility they can find. This is why fitness center owners and managers can’t afford to ignore local marketing activities, as they are the ones that have the potential of bringing them the best ROI.
The importance of local marketing for fitness centers is huge, as most people get such information from their close neighborhood. They are exposed to advertising messages in their favorite restaurants and bars, in local shops and even on the street. They might also go online to search for various services in their area of residence, but these local marketing messages can have a much bigger impact as they get seen by people even when they don’t think about buying anything. Passive exposure is good for building brand awareness, so fitness centers and other similar facilities should use this to their advantage. The better awareness they manage to create, the bigger the probability a potential client is going to remember their name when they are going to need such services.
It takes the time to build a brand, there’s no doubt about that. Since small businesses might have a hard time in finding all the cash needed for proper marketing plans, they should focus first on people with the highest potential of becoming paying customers. By spending their advertising dollars to grab the attention of local residents, the return on their investment is going to be better than in the case of global marketing campaigns. It’s surely good to tell the whole world who you are and what are your most important values. However, if these people can’t use your services because of your premises being out of their reach, this awareness wouldn’t bring you any income. A business with local specific should start small, at a local level. Once you manage to grab a decent market share and secure a steady revenue, you can think about expanding to other neighborhoods, cities or even states.
This is how important local marketing for fitness centers is. This is also the reason why some gyms are more successful than others. The quality of services also matters, but when everything else is equal, the center that knows how to talk to the local consumers is going to be the winner. Since the beginning is tough for every business, all available resources should be focused on attracting a pool of paying members to enable the center to operate, while bringing some decent profit. This profit has to be reinvested in raising the quality, even more, thus putting smiles on the faces of most customers. Business owners and managers who understand this are the ones who enjoy success sooner rather than later. They know how to use the power of local marketing activities for putting their offer in front of as many eyeballs as possible.